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Fopnu is using 5.6 GB of memory

by Sumit316 on 2022/11/26 05:20:32 PM    
Right now I'm sharing 81.8 TB and 554.648 files and fopnu is using 5.6 GB of memory. I would like to be able to use other programs aside from fopnu, so what can I do to reduce the used memory? Should I share less files?
by Sumit316 on 2022/11/26 08:24:05 PM    
I removed some shared folders but the memory remained the same. Then I restarted the program and it went down to 670 MB. I'll have to rehash everything again now.
by Guest on 2022/11/28 05:56:37 PM    
that is not very high for ram with all those files.
i use close to 2gb ram for over 8tb of files.
and of course you are going to have to re-hash any folders you removed and then re-added.
in the settings-files you can turn up your hashing.
by Guest on 2022/11/28 11:30:32 PM    
"in the settings-files you can turn up your hashing."

As in the number of threads to use or the % of CPU utilization?

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