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Notification on download completion instead of file download com

by Guest on 2022/11/30 08:32:09 PM    
When I download a folder I want to get only one notification when the whole folder has downloaded instead of getting a notification for each file.
by Guest on 2022/12/01 01:20:32 AM    
Downloading images with the notifications turned on is particularly annoying.
by Guest on 2022/12/01 12:10:07 PM    
I've actually removed this setting again because I just ignore the notifications since there are so many, and then I forget to check if the download has finished. Better to use an alarm every hour.

The reason I want this feature is because if I activate multiple downloads at once instead of downloading them in order it downloads a bit from each one which is not what I want. I want to download a few folders from a person in order to complete each folder faster, and only download in a different order the pieces owned by other people. By downloading a bit from each folder from the main uploader the probabilities that the uploader logs off before any folder completes increases, and you are left with many incomplete folders, which is undesirable. Having notifications only on whole folder completion solves this issue only when you aren't afk, so it's not perfect but better than anything.

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