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[Feature Request] Enforce download priority

by Sumit316 on 2022/12/02 01:11:27 PM    
I have a few folders downloading right now. All from the same user (MainUser). I want the folders to download in order but assigning a priority makes no difference, I see how it's downloading from multiple folders at the same time. The reason I want to download the folders in order is that there are more chances of completing a folder before MainUser logs off. The problem is that to accomplish this I have to stop all folders except one and whenever the folder completes I can start another. But this way I lose the upload speed provided by other users who have other folder than the first one I want to download from MainUser.

So I would like a setting where the download priority is actually enforced. Meaning if a download is given higher priority than another the second one doesn't get any bandwidth from a user who has both.

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