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Support for IPv8 anonymous networking layer

by Guest on 2023/02/24 10:52:56 PM    
Hello KH,
Although Fopnu's strong encryption protects your uploads and downloads from prying eyes, it does not protect you if the RIAA is providing the file to you. I would suggest implementing the IPv8 networking layer as deployed with the Tribler torrent client. In my view, Tribler is the best torrent client, although it does not have all the features tixati has. The IPv8 networking layer is decentralized just like bittorrent. The reference implementation is written in python, although to maintain the "no annoying dependencies" feature, it will have to be translated from python to C++, which from python is an easy task. IPv8 uses a trustchain to distribute bandwidth. Seeders earn trust tokens and leechers spend them. The higher the balance the more preferential treatment you get. This would work nicely with Fopnu's own token system, and finally protect us from the scum and filth at the RIAA, Software Publishers Association and the like.

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