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by SOMOS_CAMPEONES on 2023/03/03 09:22:15 PM    
So various issues better put together.

Fopnu is an excellent piece of software and I salute the developers, I know it has been a lot of work.

Kinderficken. There is child pron in the network, there is also a series of users that appear banned but are browsable. Obviously the admin enabled them because the system uses authority levels.

Do you have an answer to this?

I didn't try to download from it for various reasons, one is that I am not behind VPN like they are, I don't blame whoever download kiddie porn because 99% of times they are just curious.

But here one of these users has a file count of 30,000 files, this is beyond curious, I collect rare movies and I have around 3,000 and it took to me more than 10 years to get them. There is a group operating behind that for sure.

Speed. Are new users being throttled?
There is little traffic happening and the number of users is very low. Is this project worth hosting 600TB?

Too big on one side and too small on the other.

I wont go hosting terabytes for nobody to download.
Community would grow up if Fopnu was one with Tixati, it looks like it was intended to be part of the Share/Groups section of Tixati now obsolete.

Point number 1 gives me a hint on why it is not.

I don't know if thats intended for but when you close the dialog for the License Agreement the program shuts down. (and WhoTF cares about this!)
by Guest on 2023/03/18 05:52:45 PM    
1. This has been a problem for awhile. People have asked for a way to hide this from search. I can't provide any quotes but I think the dev once mentioned using AI to hide/block this. But it boils down to not wanting to accidentally block/censor legal stuff. Instead, I think for search a regex filter should be implemented. This way you can choose what file names you don't want to see. Also if a user is blocked, their files shouldn't show up in searches.

2. Maybe. But I don't think this is happening (at least intentionally). I and quite a few other people don't have fast internet connection.

3. Yes. But I also think it's because it would be too difficult or time consuming to merge the two programs. And because some people who use Tixati don't care about Fopnu and don't want their torrent client to become more than such.
by Guest on 2023/04/03 07:36:51 PM    
I don't know if thats intended for but when you close the dialog for the License Agreement the program shuts down. (and WhoTF cares about this!)

It is intended because you need agree to the license.
by SOMOS_CAMPEONES on 2023/04/06 04:10:41 PM    
Point one is the thing making us look bad.

An input filter will hide you not they, you are in the network and the network is compromised. It is One user with many IDs via VPN, and he is right there forever.

Besides the search is being bombed because child pron lists to unrelated input, if you search "lolita" ok then you asked for it.

Again, 30K files is not a "normal pedo".

So you tell me that a channel called "Child Porn Channel" is not obvious enough and that the admin cant remove it that he needs "AI"?
There is no AI, we used to call it "The power of Basics".
by Guest on 2023/08/06 10:22:47 PM    
As to #1, the only way to stop CP is to close the internet. And then it would still find distribution since it existed before the internet.

And FYI, the vast majority of CP that shows on searches are from honeypots created by police agencies to trap the pervs. Most channels are screened for CP. Most of the larger channels have admins that care and kick.

There is already more than 600TB being shared. That amount is seen by users in just 1 channel.

An additional 600TB with a huge BW would certainly be welcome.

No one can know how many users there are globally over the fopbu p2p mesh network. We can see some of them in channels, but most fopnu users do not join channels.

Many have asked for a combined fopnu/tixati client. I trust that the DEV knows what he is doing and has good reasons not to combine the 2. Do I want it? YES. but I have not devoted decades of my life to programming these programs as they have.
Besides, they might have future plans for something superior. These might be serving as stepping stones to that possibility.

#4 I am supposing that if one does not accept the licensing conditions the program will not run for them. DUH!
by Guest on 2023/08/16 02:34:10 PM    
I suppose there is no single authority over the whole Fopnu network, because in the eyes of the lawmakers around the world that would make the authority responsible for banning everything from pirated music to “factually incorrect information” on ever-growing range of topics. Keep in mind that states are simply corporate structures, and they will try to stretch the limits when opportunity arises.

HOWEVER, you are still in complete control of files that you download, chats that you moderate, users you interact with. You can filter anything you don't like, whether it's aligned with others' opinions, or not. Like-minded people are free to cooperate in that.

Also, I believe it's still completely legal to name some group “child porn”, and not share any child porn there. Maybe someone likes to troll, I can't be bothered enough to check. In any case, it is not software authors' job to decide what is “appropriate”. On the contrary, extrajudicial censorship permeates everything using “convenience” and “civility” as excuses.

Also, I believe that any child porn shares on a direct open p2p network in this day and age are obvious honeypots. It's no secret that government agencies have been doing it since late 2000s. Now you may wonder why the same people turn the blind eye to all other illegal content there, and whether someone can collect and share gigabytes (or even terabytes?) of child porn because of “technical needs”, but that's another story. Some topics are more equal than the others when it comes to favorable public opinion, and some citizens are more equal than the others when it comes to questionable legality.

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