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Filters. Important!

by Fafy on 2023/03/07 05:12:24 PM    

In advance, I ask users not to kick me hard for marking the topic as Important, because in this topic I would like to touch on the essence of the FOPNU project - to share your files with other people, and conveniently and quickly find the content that other users distribute.

1) This application has a great ability to create channels for exchanging SPECIFIC THEMED files, but, unfortunately, this does not work at the moment. Why? If you try to connect to any of the channels, you will see the same picture - files on any topic are everywhere or there are no files on the topic of the channel at all. When you try to search on a particular channel for what users are distributing, you always see all the files that a particular user shares with others, and often this has nothing to do with the topic of the channel. Then a logical question arises - why then the channels, if they do not work as intended? What's the point of channels? After all, you can create one channel where all users will be and distribute everything they want to share. You can say that channels exist for communication between users on a certain topic. Perhaps it is, but I didn’t see any communication on the channels.

The idea with channels for different topics is a very good idea, but in order to fully realize it, it needs to be refined a little.
When creating a channel, you need to add the OPPORTUNITY to specify in the parameters of the new channel to show only the content that matches the topic of the channel, or completely all the files that users distribute. But how to do that? The application has the ability to specify ACCESS RIGHTS for files implemented through Groups, which indicate who can download these files. But, in addition to using Access Rights, in a similar way you can set the FILTER FOR FILES - on which channel which files will be displayed. If the creator of the channel has indicated the requirement to display on his channel only the content that matches the theme of the channel (marked for display on this channel), then when trying to view files that users distribute, only content that matches this theme will be displayed. What was required! If a particular user does not have such files, then when trying to view their files, a message will be displayed that this user does not have content on this topic or has not marked it for display on this channel. And next to it is a checkbox for the option "Show all files" of the user for those who have time and want to search among the files distributed by this user, regardless of the topic of the channel.

There are people who distribute a lot of files, and it will be very difficult for other users to find files that match the topic of the channel among them, or they will not find them at all, and then the time spent searching for the right content will be wasted. And time flies fast! And it will always be so with everyone, if the function of the channels is not finalized.

I have all the files sorted by topic, and to indicate on which channel they can be displayed, I just need to select only one folder. Other users may have a slightly different situation, but this will be an additional incentive to organize their files a little and in the end everyone will benefit from this.

2) There are a number of channels that are unacceptable or unnecessary for many users for various reasons. Everyone is free to upload files they want, it's their business. But if we are talking about the right to choose, then I would also like to have the right not to see what I do not want to see, i.e. be able to filter the display of channels I do not need in the list. Yes, you can remove unnecessary (annoying) channels from the list, but if you try to update the list again, all previously deleted channels will again be in the general list. What, delete all these channels again? With every channel update? Are there any users who like this behavior of the application? Why not add a filter to the channel list? Once I noted which channels should not be displayed and forgot about the problem. When refreshed again, only new channels will be displayed. This is how it should ideally be. I think that the implementation of the channel filter is not difficult to implement, but it will please everyone very much if it is done.

3) When using keyword search, inappropriate content from some users often comes across and there is a very strong need to exclude all content that these users give out from the search results. Those. need to filter search results by users. Very, very necessary! Implementing such a filter shouldn't be hard, right?
by Guest on 2023/03/10 01:28:58 PM    
I join these wishes. On my own behalf, I want to add on the first point that you need to somehow highlight the users connected to the channel who have and distribute content on the topic of the channel. This can be done with an additional label next to the user's icon and it will be immediately visible who has something to watch on the topic from those users who have connected to the channel in search of content.

On the other two points, the question has already been raised here on the forum several times, this primarily applies to 18+ content. I also find it very frustrating to constantly stumble over content that is disgusting to me. Filters would solve this problem without violating anyone's freedom. It is only strange why this has not yet been implemented, because it is not difficult to make a content filter. :(
by Guest on 2023/03/18 05:58:39 PM    
I don't think I need to say more than this.. one word: regex

Take a look at this for some practice: https://regex101.com/
by BugMagnet on 2023/03/19 05:21:38 PM    
in reply to Guest on 2023/03/10 01:28:58 PM

RE, highlighting users who share on topic etc. As is, fopnu does not have the multiple sub-MOD levels that tixati and darkMX have. Maybe that is on the dev's list of ToDos - dunno. If that was implemented, select users could be assigned to those trusted/VIP/Star levels so they would appear near the top of the user list and make browsing a little simpler.

As to search/browse, I think some added search parameters, i.e. an OR function, are on the dev's list of coming attractions. I also think a client level exclude filter would be useful. If activated, it would probably result in false positives but it would give some protection from seeing some crazy A$$ $#!% that is being advertised.

in reply to OP by Fafy:

As to #3, see above.

As to #2, I don't see this as a big issue. There are not that many channels to deal with. Certainly not like the old days of winMX which had over 2000 channels! but an option to "Hide" a channel from the list would address your concerns, though the I am not sure the cost/benefit would indicate priority of the dev's finite time and resources.

As to #1, Users are now in control of how they share. They have the power to share their kittycat files only with those that join the Fancy Feline Fantasies channel and not publicly. I dare say most User share most of their files publicly, so they show up on a global search whether you join any channel or not. And channels ain't what they used to be. Back in the day, you could join certain channels on winMX and know there would be live chat interaction 24/7. That no longer exists, thanks to facebook et al. I think there is a reason the dev calls them sharing channels vs chatrooms.

Yes, there is the occasional burst of cerebral dialog, every few months or so, but it is what it is. The Users have the tools already to change these dynamics.

One thing that will help to a degree is tixati-like channel forums. Today few people hover over a channel screen waiting on the edge of their seat for the next post to drop. Forums will help in a focused dialog, similar to the old newgroups or bulletin boards.

I think post of the things that concern you could be aided by enhanced search capabilities, such as adding the tixati-like search filter parameters, include this OR that and whatever but NOT xxx.

And my pet new feature preference, ability to filter search results without reloading. i.e. search for Bozo, find 10,000 file matches, then from that list filter for "1080" or "2160" or "1952" while excluding (NOT function) all files that include "sux OR fux".

I think we must accept the fact that most files are found and shared by users who do not join any channel at all. They might be useful for niche topical content, but in reality I think most sharing goes on outside any channel and global public libraries provide for that. We need enhancements in that area. And if desired, small cliques of users can create public or private channels as they see fit and utilize the more powerful search tools available to all.

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