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Localization of the interface into other languages

by Guest on 2023/03/10 01:08:13 PM    
I am very grateful to the developer of this application for the work they have done to develop much needed software.
I have been watching the development of this project with great interest, and for a long time, and with the release of the new version, I am both happy and sad because there is still no way to translate this application into other languages. Because of this, a small number of people use the application, and as a result, the desired content is scarce and the application automatically becomes unclaimed from this.

The essence of this application is to share your own with everyone, and the lack of localization is like "made only for yourself", which contradicts the general concept of this project.
I understand that now everyone has a lack of time, and that there is no way to spread out on everything, but the point is in the set priorities!?
For my part, I want to note only the importance of having a localized application interface.
If the application has a localized interface, then there will be more users. And if there are more users, then there will be more content, which will become more and more. Will the application be localized - there will be more content in the language of the application!

I would like to see the possibility of localizing the application in the next update. I hope for the understanding of the developers, and if it's not difficult, at least briefly, please answer here about the possibility of translating the application into other languages.
by Guest on 2023/03/10 02:25:21 PM    
The devs have done this for Tixati already, so Fopnu and DarkMX should be coming along soon.
by Guest on 2023/03/10 02:56:17 PM    
Is this information from the developers or voiced hopes? Because there was already a similar message back in 2021, and it’s already the spring of 2023. :(
I would like some specifics on this issue from the developers.
by Fafy on 2023/03/11 02:36:31 PM    
I, too, have been waiting for this opportunity for two years, but there is no reaction from the developers on this issue.
After Tixati became available in their native language, users of this application immediately appeared, the project immediately revived.
Without translation of the interface into other languages, Fopnu will be a stillborn baby.

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