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fopnu installation

by Guest on 2017/08/30 04:53:41 AM    
installed fopnu to give it a try, installed ok but when i tried to launch it got a error message your computer has a problem and we will have to restart now, computer restarted and fopnu had been uninstalled automatically, running windows ten with creator update
by Guest on 2017/09/01 03:27:03 AM    
it sounds like your computer crashed before it had time to save the fact that it installed fopnu. try to install it again.

you did download it from here right? https://www.fopnu.com/download/
by dextroz on 2021/05/13 05:14:42 PM    
I had the exact same issue happen with Tixati (twice)- where it was automatically uninstalled and this week after running fopnu for nearly 6 months it was uninstalled upon a reboot automatically with no warning.

Fortunately when you re-install, the configurations are restored and not reset.

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