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Columns File Type and File Modification Date

by Guest on 2023/03/10 03:34:32 PM    
1) The column with File type (format) and Date of file modification is missing in the search window.
Adding these two columns will greatly simplify the work with search results. For example, I'm looking for books in the right format, but everything is mixed up in the results, and in order to quickly find the right one and select it for download, you first need to work hard. It takes a lot of time and is very inconvenient. If it were possible to sort by type (format) of files, this would greatly simplify the work with search results.

2) When viewing everything that a single user distributes, it would be convenient to be able to sort by the Date of editing/—Āreating a file to see what he has new.

Implementing this shouldn't take long, but it will greatly add to the usability of the application and will take less time to find content.
by Fafy on 2023/03/11 02:18:11 PM    
This is really what need!
It is desirable to add columns with the file extension to the Library window as well.
In cases where you want to add many files with the same extension to a shared folder where there are a lot of files with different extensions. This would make it possible to sort all the files in the folder by their extension and quickly select to add (or exclude) them for sharing. To do this you need to add a context menu for the selected files - Add to sharing (if they are not marked for sharing) or Exclude from sharing (if they are currently sharing). And this context menu should work either for all groups or for a specific group.
It is now very time consuming to select individual files one by one that are in the same folder in order to add them to sharing.

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