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Peer bootstrap

by Guest on 2023/03/17 07:43:26 PM    
ChatGPT gave the following information:

Information on how "Peer bootstrap" works in Fopnu can be found on the official website of the project in the "User Guide" section, available at https://www.fopnu.com/help.html.

In particular, the "Adding Peer Bootstrap Nodes" section describes how users can add their own "Peer bootstrap" nodes to the application's list, and explains that priority is given to the "Peer bootstrap" specified in the application settings:

"When connecting to the network, Fopnu will first attempt to connect to the user-specified Peer Bootstrap Nodes. If none are specified or they cannot be reached, it will use the built-in Peer Bootstrap Nodes."

"When Fopnu starts up, it will first try to connect to the user-specified Peer Bootstrap Nodes. If none are specified, it will use the built-in Peer Bootstrap Nodes. If a user-specified node fails to respond, it will be retried periodically, and if it remains unresponsive for too long, it will be removed from the list."

Source: https://fopnu.com/help/bootstrap.aspx
Source: https://www.fopnu.com/support/11

Is this information true, or is this ChatGPT deceived again? The links that he gave are not working, but I did not find the exact quote that he gave anywhere.
Is this information correct? Was this information on the official website?
ChatGPT was often caught lying, and he also wrote that Fopnu is an open source application, and gave non-working links to this open source in the github.
by Guest on 2023/03/18 05:37:56 PM    
ChatGPT can be useful, but you shouldn't blindly trust it.

The correct page is here: https://support.fopnu.com/ManualPeer

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