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Network linked inbound folder

by Guest on 2023/04/11 06:58:29 PM    
I have installed fopnu on a VM, I linked a folder I wanted to use for incoming files.

It starts just long enough to write the "0_*****" file name and then stops. Does fopnu require specific ownership of a folder? The folder in question that I linked for saving, belongs to "Nobody" with open permissions.
by Guest on 2023/04/12 01:32:34 AM    
what OS and version of fopnu?
does it give you an error in the library status column or the transfers status column?
does this happen with every file you try and download?
can you upload files?
by Guest on 2023/04/12 10:10:09 PM    
Linux Mint 22.04, going to 22.04.1 as I type. Fopnu ver. 1.59-1
Message: Error opening file: Operation not supported (95)

In another instance, I've been able to resume ones that were initiated on the same VM but moved to the network share. Any new ones I've tried to get have failed. Outbound is no issue it seems as it's just reading.

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