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Total users, files, Gb...

by Guest on 2023/09/14 09:04:37 AM    
It would be interesting to have a function to search files OFFLINE and not just online. As soon as the user entered the network, it would start downloading the file. What if there was a website that indexed these files for new users to reach the network. It would be nice to also have the total number of files and GB shared live (just like in the emule). And total users. To get an idea of the total number of users, files and GB. But the most interesting thing was to have a website indexing the files (to keep the offline links) to attract new users. There are few people using the program and it is very good.
by Shellsgather on 2023/10/04 06:51:52 PM    
I'm a user only, and a relatively new one at that.  It seems to me an important design goal was to entirely eliminate public records of the (often pirated) files and sets of files people with Fopnu make available.  Torrent sites are still somewhat dangerous and riddled with law enforcement activity and other misuse and malicious use.  

I wonder, like you, if there's a way to facilitate browsing.  Presently, my method is to search as I will on one or another torrent site then duplicate items I find into Fopnu's search.   That seems to work.

(Law enforcement, other dangers:  Within the past few weeks, I downloaded a replacement copy of a movie via a torrent on one of the many iterations of PB.  I should have waited to borrow it from my local library, then rip it here at home.  But no, I thought it's old enough and is presently available with no extra charge on Amazon Prime, why wait?  I got a copyright infringement notice from my internet service provider, not an actionable one, just a warning, but it jars me nonetheless, as it should.
I keep my use of torrent trackers to a minimum, but one's IP still can be monitored even via DHT.  In this case, I skipped examining, paring down or clearing my tracker list, as I usually do.  I wonder if Fopnu's transfer algorithms are less vulnerable than the present torrent algorithms.  A proper VPN would do the trick for me in this limited case.)

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