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[Feature request]  UI additions, searching possibilities

by Shellsgather on 2023/10/04 07:51:40 PM    
I'm a relatively new Fopnu user, though I've used Tixati nearly since it was released (and have sent you money!).

1) I'd like set Fopnu to notify me when it completes its network connection (startup initializations).

2) I'd like to set Fopnu to notify me when it completes a search for files.
-- Both of these sets of actions can take 1-4 minutes, maybe even longer under different conditions.  Let me be able to be called back as soon as Fopnu completes these tasks.

3) I'd like to set Fopnu to move a completed transfer or completed file within a transfer to a directory of my choice, different from the directory in which the transfer was accumulated.  Tixati has this feature and it's very convenient for me.

4) Again, as in Tixati, would you allow a Fopnu user to set the default behavior of the Remove button?  Your additions to its functionality over Tixati's are a significant improvement.

5) Would you include an 'and' and an 'or' operator in your search string parser, and include also sub-expression priority grouping via parens?  I don't know what you have to do to search, but it's evidently somewhat complex.  Maybe such a further complication would be prohibitive, but still I wish to ask for this.

by Shellsgather on 2023/10/04 08:22:05 PM    
...Two more items:
6) Please add the ability to copy link text of transfer objects, that is, the text that's displayed, as opposed to the link address only.  I was downloading groups of files some of which were named in a language I don't read.  In order to get them to Google Translate, I had to copy off all the links then search and replace to eliminate the URL encoding.

7) Along with this, a search capability would be helpful, such as that which was recently added to Tixati.

Lastly, not a request, just a help question:  What's the bottom panel of the Transfers screen for?  I can't make anything appear in it nor can I eliminate it.

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