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[Feature Request] Initialize downloads in "Stopped/Paused" state

by Guest on 2023/10/20 12:42:21 AM    
Currently, to my knowledge, there is only one way to initialize a new download, and that is in the "Active/Downloading" state, and there is no way to add a new download in "Stopped/Paused" state (so than I have to quickly jump to the main Transfer window and stop the newly added download, and this becomes really tedious very fast if you are adding a bunch of smaller downloads).
When in the browse window, and you right-click on a downloadable item in the "Download As" menu, there should be a "Start Stopped/Paused" checkbox (which remembers its checked state) or a "Paused" button to move an item to the Transfer list in main window in a Stopped state (or Start and Start Paused buttons could be added on top of Browse window where all other buttons are (refresh, search, send message, etc.).

Thanks for developing the best sharing programs available.

by Guest on 2023/10/20 08:32:09 PM    
[Feature Request] Initialize downloads in the "Stopped/Paused" state


There should be one more additional option in the "Download As" window, and that is a checkbox option for "Public" (which is checked by default), but when it is unchecked by the user and the download is placed in the Transfer window (in its 'Started' or 'Stopped' state, it doesn't matter), in the "Library" window, the "Public" status will be unchecked.


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