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[Feature Req] Improving "Force Check" file option

by Guest on 2023/10/20 04:42:01 AM    
[Feature Request] Improving the "Force Check" file option for Existing Completed Files

This is a tricky one, and important one, too! Here is a situation:

Fopnu "Force Check" function is not working the same as "Force Check" in Tixati.
If you, for example, start a download, and then you pause/stop it (you stopped it after file information for content files have been retrieved, so there are no "Stopped (need files)" messages around), but you have one of the files from the download list already downloaded from before on your computer, if you place that finished/completed file in your Fopnu download destination folder, where that file should be, and then you go to that file in the Transfer window and you want to apply "Force Check" on that file, Fopnu will act like that file doesn't exist, and file checking will fail like there is no file there at all.

The way to fool Fopnu into accepting an already completed file from an external source and registering it as Complete in Transfer window, is to start the download of that same file until the moment when the temporary "incomplete" file is created, then stopping the download. After that, you place your completed file in the same folder where your newly created incomplete file is located (in portable Fopnu it is the same location as your final download destination), and then you copy the filename from the incomplete file (looks like this):
0_incomplete_hnxnvlblablablablablablablablablablablarqky6k_Movie File 02.mp4
to your complete file (looks like this):
Movie File 02.mp4
which will cause your renamed, completed file to overwrite your Incomplete temp file.
After that is done, you go to Fopnu Transfer window and do a "Force Check" on that file in download list while the download is still stopped. At this point, file checking will work, and you will see checking progress going on. After the Check is completed and the file registers as 100% complete, Fopnu will automatically rename your renamed completed file from its given temporary incomplete name:
0_incomplete_hnxnvlblablablablablablablablablablablarqky6k_Movie File 02.mp4
back to its original name:
Movie File 02.mp4
And after all this joggling, your file will finally be accepted as complete by Fopnu and will be shared as such.

If you've lost your trail of thought by now, let's recap:
You want to download, for example, a trilogy of films, but you know that you have one of the files from this download already finished and completely downloaded from before (example, your file is called: "Movie File 02.mp4"), and you want to download the other two films, but you also want to share that existing file that you already have with those other films as a complete bundle without wanting to redownload it again.
The download in the Fopnu Transfer window looks like this:
> Movie Trilogy
     Movie File 01.mp4
     Movie File 02.mp4   <--- this file you already have downloaded from before!
     Movie File 03.mp4

And now, for you to get Fopnu to recognize your completed  "Movie File 02.mp4" file as such in Transfer window and be able to share it, you have to do all the file renaming acrobatics as described before. And that is not a fun thing to do!

This whole procedure would also be required if you have an external partially downloaded file; again, you would have to rename it with that incomplete file name, in this case "Force Check" would not reach 100% but the percentage of file completion, of course.

So, Fopnu "Force Check" should not only check for completion of its "Incomplete" file on which the check is requested, but should first check if that file exists in the Download Destination folder and then start checking for its incomplete parts, something like Tixati has been doing all along...

Also, one other thing, when it comes to ease of use, the "Force Check" option should be placed below "Local Files" in the Right mouse click menu, not within it, and it is in the same place here in Fopnu as it is in Tixati, and that menu-within-the-menu positioning of "Force Check" is always bothering me in Tixati, and now it's also present here. This positioning should be changed in both programs.
The reason for that is that a user rarely uses this "Local Files" Right mouse click submenu, since "Open" and "Open Location" are more easily available on the download/torrent mouse Left double-click, and "Delete" has its own button in the Transfer window. So basically, the only reason I ever go in this "Local Files" submenu is to access "Force Check", and for that reason I think that "Force Check" should be moved outside the "Local Files" submenu in both programs, Tixati and Fopnu.

Is it just me, or have you removed the big problem of incomplete pieces that occurs in the torrent protocol when not all files are downloaded from multi-file torrent downloads?
It seems that the Fopnu protocol doesn't suffer from these problems, and it also doesn't require padding files for that same purpose.
Great job done, if this is so, as it seems...

Thanks for developing the best sharing programs available.


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