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[Feature Change] Menu "Force Check" placement

by Guest on 2023/10/20 08:54:53 PM    
[Feature Change] Placement of the "Force Check" in the menu (for both Fopnu & Tixati)

I mentioned it in my previous "[Feature Req] Improving "Force Check" file option" post, but would like to make it a separate post to make it "official".

... when it comes to ease of use, the "Force Check" option should be placed below "Local Files" in the Right mouse click menu, not within it, and it is in the same place here in Fopnu as it is in Tixati, and that menu-within-the-menu positioning of "Force Check" is always bothering me in Tixati, and now it's also present here. This positioning should be changed in both programs.
The reason for that is that a user rarely uses this "Local Files" Right mouse click submenu, since "Open" and "Open Location" are more easily available on the download/torrent mouse Left double-click, and "Delete" has its own button in the Transfer window. So basically, the only reason I ever go in this "Local Files" submenu is to access "Force Check", and for that reason, I think that "Force Check" should be moved outside the "Local Files" submenu in both programs, Tixati and Fopnu.


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