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[Feature Change] "File Types" to ALL-checked

by Guest on 2023/10/20 10:23:23 PM    
[Feature Change] "File Types" checkboxes to ALL-checked as Default

This one is a serious problem for users! And of all my feature & change requests, this one should be reconsidered ASAP.

If you go and check the files and folders that other Fopnu users share, MOST of them (if you pick them at random, the percentage is 60–80%, that's about 7 out of 10 users, so it is serious!) are going to have empty folders appearing throughout their shared ones where there should not be. The easiest way to notice this is to find movie/series folders that users share and check those folders that contain subtitle subfolders. If they are empty, and most of the time they are, and this is present without exception throughout their shared folder structure, you know that they only have 'Audio', 'Video' and 'Images' checkboxes selected in their "File Types" in the "Library", and 'Texts' and 'Other' checkboxes are left unchecked as this is the default state of things when you First start Fopnu.
(The most obvious example of this is when you stumble upon the user who has a "books" folder shared, and hundreds of subfolders are empty, but of those rare few who are not empty, their only content is just a cover image for a book that can't be downloaded or seen)

The problem here is not that people don't want to share those files or that they want to share just empty folders with fancy names. The problem is that when they add files and folders to their "Library" for sharing, they don't know that there are  additional rules that restrict them from sharing all the files that they put in the "Library" and that those rules are active from the get-go.
Users have expected behavior from the program that all the files that they put in the "Library" ARE going to BE shared.
To add fuel to the fire, those important "File Types" options are, in reality, pretty hidden since they are only visible in Right click context menu.
But not only that, the "File Types" option is only visible in the context menu if clicked on the "top-level" folder, the option doesn't even appear in context on other subfolders and files, and there are hundreds or thousands of those that the user sees that will not show the "File Types" option, but only one folder that will, so the whole ensemble of conditions is counterintuitively set against the user's expectations and awareness.
A small number of users are actually aware that they can check their shared content by connecting to themselves and browsing their content. And even if they were, they would not go and check those specific files to see if they are shared or not, since they are not even aware that the rules that restrict them actually exist, let alone expect that they are hidden in some submenu. They would see their folders, and it would be enough for them.

To remedy this current situation, which unseemly persists and hinders sharing for numerous users, the default "File Type" options should be ALL CHECKED out-of-the-box when first running Fopnu after the download!
For all users, rookie or pro, it is expected program behavior to have all files shared that they place in their "Library".
Advanced users who want to dig into the sharing options can deal with those extra options since they are expecting them, but the average user doesn't need to, he just wants to share what he has placed in "Library".

Upon program updates, these defaults should be automatically changed with notice, but when the user changes these settings for the first time after that automatic change, next time defaults should not be changed with update since it is assumed that the user knows what he is doing since he has applied those changes himself.

by Guest on 2023/10/22 03:05:08 PM    
[Feature Change] "File Types" checkboxes to ALL-checked as Default

Addendum I :

Upon further Fopnu usage and having the above-mentioned problem in mind, there seems to be a necessity to have the "Browse" function added to the Left-click Fopnu username menu, at the top of the "Contacts" sidebar, where the user sees his own username. Just like he can access "Browse" for other users by Right-clicking them.
Easy access to this option allows users to easily see what other users see when they browse their shared files, which is a different overview method than that found in the "Library" window. Here, they would notice if something is wrong with the "File Types" sharing options, which are not visible in the "Library" overview (lack of this type of insight causes people to not share things that they are expecting to share, a problem that currently affects numerous users).
Alternatively, the only way to currently access the user's own "Browse" window is to find an active file transfer in the "Transfer" window, expanding the connected users on the actively transferring file, and find their own username Right-clicking on a menu that has "Browse"  (this is pretty abstract thinking to expect a general user to do), or searching the file that the user knows he shares ,in the "Search" window to find and browse himself in that way.
So having the "Browse" option in "Contacts" for the user's own filename, as he has for other listed users, seems very reasonable to have.

by Guest on 2023/10/23 03:35:04 AM    
If you are in a chatroom, you can browse yourself.
if the default was set to all types, people could and would be accidentally sharing files that they do not want shared.

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