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[Feature Req] "Browse" function in Username menu

by Guest on 2023/10/22 03:32:02 PM    
[Feature Request] Placeing of the "Browse" function in "Contacts" under Fopnu username left-click menu

I mentioned it previously in my "[Feature Change] "File Types" to ALL-checked" post, but would like to make it a separate post to make it "official".

Necessity of placing a "Browse" function in "Contacts" under the Fopnu username Left-click menu for improvement of ease of access to general user file sharing, "self-browsing" in the What-Others-See, overview.

Upon further Fopnu usage ... there seems to be a necessity to have the "Browse" function added to the Left-click Fopnu username menu, at the top of the "Contacts" sidebar, where the user sees his own username. Just like he can access "Browse" for other users by Right-clicking them.
Easy access to this option allows users to easily see what other users see when they browse their shared files, which is a different overview method than that found in the "Library" window. Here, they would notice if something is wrong with the "File Types" sharing options, which are not visible in the "Library" overview (lack of this type of insight causes people to not share things that they are expecting to share, a problem that currently affects numerous users).
Alternatively, the only way to currently access the user's own "Browse" window is to find an active file transfer in the "Transfer" window, expanding the connected users on the actively transferring file, and find their own username Right-clicking on a menu that has "Browse"  (this is pretty abstract thinking to expect a general user to do), or searching the file that the user knows he shares ,in the "Search" window to find and browse himself in that way.
So having the "Browse" option in "Contacts" for the user's own filename, as he has for other listed users, seems very reasonable to have.


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