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Fopnu and Big Sharers

by Guest on 2017/09/12 07:45:38 AM    
Hi at all,
I'm a Big Sharer (over 10,000 files) can I use Fopnu? If possible I would like an answer from a forum administrator.
by janet on 2017/09/12 06:02:41 PM    
yes, you can use Fopnu.
by Guest on 2017/09/15 03:00:53 AM    
Thanks for your kind response :)
by Buggah on 2017/10/13 08:45:28 PM    
I haven't loaded 10k files yet at this early testing stage, but do have about 2500 files totaling about 200GB on share

with v1.18, i found that though fopnu starts off with very low RAM footptint, both it and Tixati have a memory creep problem. After running for weeks, they use more and more memory resources causing fallover to HD swap which kills system performance. (win7 pro, 8gb RAM, 3Ghz quad CPU)
by Guest on 2017/10/14 10:26:17 PM    
Hmm it is going to be a certainty that there are minor implementational issues that will take time to display themselves, it's great that users are taking the time to let the developers know of such issues, feedback is very important at this stage and I am sure most welcomed.
by Guest on 2017/11/11 09:20:32 PM    
I'm using tixati and it's really experiencing memory problems and resource consumption. Would Fopnu have advantages over tixati? I would use the list of tixati downloads (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\tixati\incomplete-pieces) or it would be better to continue with tixati. Another thing is a warning to users because everyone wants to do downloads and does not share so many of my downloads had tracker but no peers. Someone rest for weeks to finish and ohers never did. (sorry about some english mistakes. It is not my native language).
by Guest on 2017/11/12 11:24:32 AM    
Hi Guest, Tixati and Fopnu work in a different way so for the time being its best to operate both programs if you want to use torrents as well as peer to peer direct downloads.

Any type of filesharing network works more efficiently if folks share, not sharing is something thats a problem for all networks as it leads folks to go elsewhere for the files they require. Peer to peer networks may well be hurt more than Torrents in terms of broken or incompleted files as they nearly all grab the files in a sequential manner and thus if a key part is missing even if the rest of the file is present on a network the downlaod will not continue, systems such as Torrents, Emule/Edonkey work around this problem by gathering all available parts in a non-sequential order but lets be fair if ther is a part missing its going to downgrade the usability of the file or in some cases make it worthless (zip/rar etc).

I am sure the developers are working hard to find any type of previously un-noticed memory leaks in the program, the best advice is to ensure your always using the newest version of Fopnu and to report any and all problems as you encounter them so the devs can target any issues more effectively.

Thanks for your report : )

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