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What are the differences between Fopnu and Tixati?
by Guest on 2017/10/02 02:47:59 AM
And what advantages might each have over the other?
by Guest on 2017/10/03 10:51:22 AM
for one thing tixati uses torrents and fopnu does not
by Buggah on 2017/10/13 02:21:21 PM
fopnu is at it's infancy. How it develops in time remains to be seen. Tixati is quite mature and has features not (yet?) implemented on FOPNU, i.e. the channel forums. But Fopnu supports secure channels with password required to join. And some concept of sharing groups is being developed. Utility and advantages of these new features may make a difference for some, hopefully many.

The file sharing protocol is different, it being suggested fopnu is more efficient.

A critical component is external. The available library to draw from. There is no question here that media by torrent is currently far more pervasive. Beta was superior to VHS but which format won out?

ponder on the change logs at

by Guest on 2017/10/16 12:05:30 AM
As of my 20 years of filesharing experience, I have to say that being able to share/download single files, and use embedded search mechanism, is unbelievable important.

Many aspects of filesharing, hacking etc. activism, have been degrading for a decade because of torrents. Ofcourse there are other reasons also, by the main reason is that torrents won the race, because its human nature to do things as easily as possible.

There are many reasons why torrents dont support the same activism that for example Emules KADemlia network did (its still alive and is the second most popular network after bittorrent, also completely serverless). Explaining those reasons is out of this posting, but couple of those reasons are the effort of publishing a file (using fopnu you can just share your whole hard drive with one setting), effort of searching file (embedded search of single files is superior in some file categories), and privacy of serverless network and the fact that you dont need to visit any torrent site etc.

Most P2P networks died, or at least crippled. Fopnu has fixed all those reasons, so it has the potential to become ultimate P2P software if it gets popular. And so people should do everything to support this project.

by Guest on 2018/05/18 06:21:11 PM
I'm not 100% certain if I understand it completely, but from what I've read about fopnu it seems...

Unlike older, popular P2P clients; The fopnu client encrypts what one is sharing and it's decrypted by the client of the one downloading the file(s) on their end. This makes it hard or maybe impossible,(for now) for anyone RIAA, recording company etc., being able to see what one is downloading or uploading and therefore no copy right violation warnings reported to one's ISP and no warnings passed on to the user by one's ISP.

To be extra safe I still use a VPN, but I have tried fopnu without my VPN for a week and never received any copy right violation warnings from my ISP, which I would instantly get via email from my ISP if I were using an old school type torrent client like Utorrent etc., without my VPN.

by Guest on 2018/06/24 07:25:15 AM
Encryption doesn't help if the RIAA is providing the file encrypted so as to get your IP. If you're using fopnu or any other file sharing app, you'll need some way to hide your IP, a VPN or better.

If you're sharing and haven't had a warning, then consider yourself lucky for the moment. In the past one could share encrypted and slide for years, but not anymore.

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