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MARRY Tixati with Fopnu

by Guest on 2017/10/07 01:05:52 AM    
You should add Tixati and Fopnu to one perfect P2P software.

Have different tabs for Fopnu and different settings tabs for Fopnu.
Minimum change required, there are just two points why this would be important.

Firstly, people would download "Tixpnu" and run it.
Secondly, if you would have default setting (and add possibility to config per file/transfer case by case)
to share all completed Tixati files to Fopnu's network, Fopnu's network would have huge amount of files
almost immediately.
Third, have default settings to share Tixati's transfers/seeds torrent files (and possibly magnet links)
in Fopnu. So you could use Fopnu to search torrent files/magnets if one wants to use them.

This is something that I have been wanting for the last decade! And it would genuinely add value to
the field of P2P. Tixati is by far the best torrent software I have tried and I fantasied that you
would be the group of people that develop this. Before you published Fopnu, I thought my (and everybody
who really understands the value of filebased P2P like emule and Fopnu) dreams would never become reality.

Dont dismiss this without giving it really proper consideration. Because if you dont fall in love in that
idea, you have fallen victim to my not so good english writing. Ofcourse you could publish single Tixati,
single Fopnu and Tixati+Fopnu version. And you could explode the popularity of Fopnu and make Tixati even
more popular.

Trust me, I have been in the "filesharing business" since 1989 when I started with my 2400bps modem ;)
by Guest on 2017/10/11 03:29:42 AM    
I agree!

This was my suggestion exactly!
by Guest on 2017/11/01 08:36:31 PM    
Foxati doesn't sound too bad... :D
by loublain on 2017/11/12 09:33:13 AM    
Another up vote! The library base would be huge and the name recognition would e a great boost. (my ice cream sundae list would include i2p connect also). nice work
by Guest on 2017/11/21 05:21:00 PM    
Fonpu looks like DHT with search, but it misses the population of DHT. Does it have more security thought, would enabling DHT compromise that? I dont think so. Trackers help a great deal too.
by Guest on 2018/03/24 04:47:03 PM    
A combined fopnu/tixati client does sound appealing although i suspect the problem lies in the fact that the clients use different protocols for file distribution.
I have both and the UI is clean and easy to navigate in each case.

for anyone concerned about the apparently slow downloads, that is to be expected until the user pool increases in sufficient numbers to make a difference.
by Dan911 on 2018/04/08 11:15:37 PM    
It is a genious idea - Specially when you think genious is finding the obvious simple solution to what most deem too difficult!

Although I'm sure authors already thinked a lot about that, it's safer and more manageable to keep projects isolated.
Downside is keeping two apps with a small team reduces room for innovative design and favors repeating errors.

Maybe in the future they can be merged, but I doubt it is in the plan. Fopnu protects privacy and prevents from blockades by moving away from the current models of internet/torrenting, while Tixati relies on them, thus defeating the purpose of Fopnu's strategy.

I'm betting at some point a third-party bridge between the two programs will come.

Just I hope, please, they don't spawn more "channel-generation" apps; it's a strategic limitation.
by Guest on 2018/04/09 11:27:51 PM    
If there EXISTS anybody that uses Fopnu who also doesnt use Tixati, raise your hands!?

So Marrying Tixati and Fopnu could be done by just having one software running both processes (Tixati and Fopnu) in on process.
Both having their own protocols and ports. Tixati part could just automatically update Fopnus config files, so that all that is shared/downloaded
with Tixati is automatically shared with Fopnu.

So there is no benefit of not doing this, but huge benefits for doing it. Ofcourse there should be Tixati only and Fopnu only versions also, so this Fopxati
would be for people like us who use them both anyway, and to gain popularity to Fopnu.

If I would believe that Fopnu could get popular on its own, I would propably not want it to merge, but P2P and internet users have changed completely in the past decade
and getting popular slowly is not going to work. People are keen to check out new software, and dicard them quickly. So no matter how great the software is, if you just
cant find the files you are looking for, or if the speed is too slow, people discard the software. I hate that people are like this, but its the reality. After they have
discarded the software, they are not trying it again.

Building it slow just doesnt work anymore, at least in P2P software/network field. There are many other reasons why this is the case, but so that in the hope that even
someone is reading this comment to the end, I have to stop with the last sentense, Please help Fopnu to make P2P great again!
by Guest on 2019/03/14 05:09:20 PM    
I agree.  I would also like to see more options for network such as automatically choosing random port and more options in general for fopnu for managing files that do not transfer or are partials.  I would like to have them auto deleted after a week with no activity.  This would also help prevent people from sharing zero or partial files.  Also, I would like to be able to search specific geographic regions as well.
by BugMagnet on 2019/03/22 04:46:29 AM    
you HAVE to know the DEV has thought through this...and decided not to do it. and now Super Simple Server is added to the mix.

I don't know/understand enough to offer any authoritative pros and cons. But I too thought this a great idea. I trust there are good reasons they are not merged, though I might not/do not understand it all.

I do know that when there were different social network aps, when one came along that could connect to several, it got popular.
by Guest on 2019/05/07 01:38:14 PM    
As a software developer and hardcore P2P user/activist, I personally can't see any reasons why Fopnu and Tixati is not married.

I see many reasons why this should not be the only option, you should be able to download and use them separate also.

I just hope the reason is not too high expectations. From my experience, that is cardinal sin of software engineers that develop
their own software. I have been part on many startups that fell in love with their software and got bankrupt.

Any business or success of software comes down with the masses. And it seems to be what software engineers are horrible at.
Things have changed so much in the software business in the last decade that people that grew up in the business in 90s seem to
not understand this transformation. And that transformation really sucks, our whole society has no patience. Fcking Google,
social medias, smartphones etc. that have socially engineered things to phuck.

I just really hope Fopnu would come popular, and I think after some time it's better to take some changes rather than leave it withering.
by Guest on 2019/05/08 07:11:10 AM    
The fact that many of you are here and utilising Fopnu sure;ly suggests that the userbase is slowly but surely gaining traction, the limiting factor of any neywork really sits in the hands of its users as they are its champions to other potential users.

If you want Fopnu to grow simply talk about it with fiends & family etc, effort put in in this direction is time well spent.

To address the main point raised in the topic, there is the possibility of legal liability with any p2p app and mixing 2 might cross a threshhold thats currently static, of course this may not be the case but its worth bearing in mind when asking for a unifying build of Fopnu & Tixati, some thought and research in tis direction would be time well spent.
by BugMagnet on 2019/05/08 08:29:52 PM    
recall winMX started as a napster client, then later added the winMX peer network, AFAIK.

I think bridging torrents with fopnu would also be a boon. But fopnu offers some unique features that now may seen niche but be critical in the future.

Another thing is that so many people don't use traditional desktop computers or even laptops for that matter very much any more. Most are satisfied being consumers and accessing so-called social media using smartphones.

File sharing can consume huge amounts of data and that over cell phones is generally cost-prohibitive. Seedboxes need access to broadband (with no data quotas preferable) and mega-TB storage.
by Innieway on 2019/05/09 09:31:31 AM    
I am new to Fopnu, and in fact it was by reading the posts on these forums that made me decide to try it out..
But I do see a problem with "marrying" Tixati with Fopnu as has been suggested, at least as far as files obtained over Tixati automatically updating or being added to the Fopnu database: Like it or not the fact is that many torrents are cracked software, pirated copyrighted material, etc., and are downloaded very often. Those torrents are causing enough problems for the torrent sites that they are constantly "on their toes" to avoid legal troubles.  How many times has The Pirate Bay been down? Granted, they are survivors, and have always come back up, but many have not been so successful. Imagine how many of those types of pirated files and cracked software would be in the Fopnu database/system in just a few months if everything that was downloaded using Tixati was automatically added to Fopnu. It seems to me that this "marriage" would have a high probability of ending in a very unhappy divorce, and the only winner would be the administration and it's lawyers....
Just my humble opinion, and I am certainly no expert - so I may be totally wrong about that. Other than that one concern I would also say I think it's a great idea... I suppose it would be possible to use some kind of filter system that would reject any illegal material from being automatically added from Tixati downloads into the Fopnu database, and if that were the case then I also think the idea is a winner.
by Guest on 2020/08/27 04:48:47 AM    
Innieway I think you didn't really explain what your point is because I don't see you pointing the negative conclusion on that logic.

If you're saying Tixati's website will get taken down, it probably won't lol
by BugMagnet on 2021/02/06 06:50:05 PM    
I have advocated for this from day 1, when fopnu was first released.

I have learned the DEV is ahead of the game. He has his reasons not to combine the two protocols.

As is, I get most of the desired functionality. I simply add my finished torrent folder to my fopnu share library.

One advantage to merge could be common chatrooms, but that would require compromises as they are not compatible.

Also, fopnu can be more secure, more private than any torrent client. As I understand it, torrent clients are always broadcasting/announcing search results or requests over trackers or DHT.

If you need to go underground yet still be able to communicate securely, then fopnu has advantages for that over torrent clients if I understand the differences accurately. Fopnu gives the option to have a public library and private libraries. Access to private libraries can be given to (an) individual(s) or to members of a (private/secret/access-controlled) chatroom.

One day such function might be critical. We can't rely on commercial/corporate social media and webhosts to provide uncensored/unmonitored services.
by Guest on 2021/04/06 06:40:17 PM    
I am firmly against this. My torrent client should do torrent stuff and my P2P network client should do that. I'm already not a fan of fopnu, if it was integrated into tixati I'd probably find a new client.

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