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Please add Chinese support!

by Guest on 2017/10/17 11:35:05 AM    
I'm a Chinese user.I think It's a good chance to let everyone know this software.But this software is English,It will be hard to learn it.So could you add Chinese support?We need chinese!
by Loops on 2017/10/18 06:57:27 PM    
I think thats great idea also however I know how long it will take a developer to get the right text to throw it, I am pretty sure its able to support many languges but the actual text may need to be user sourced.

Does anyone have the time to create a list of text strings used in Fopnu and then other folks can put in their local translation for the relevant item ?

I think this will be the fastest way to acheive the required function without unduly distracting the developer, we can all pull together to expand the userbase and grow the stature of this program globally.

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