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i2p support

by ComesIn3s on 2017/10/21 10:28:54 PM    
Fopnu is working much better with larger indexes, thanks alot.

One thing I would like to ask about is being able to implement i2p similar to Vuze https://wiki.vuze.com/w/I2PHelper_HowTo
There is also: https://github.com/l-n-s/transmission-i2p  but it lacks the ability to cross peer darknet and clearnet.

i2p is hurting for a social p2p platform IMO and this would be a great addition to fopnu for those who cant/wont run VPNs for added security.
And being i2p is much better for p2p than Tor it would be a perfect fit I think.

With the c++ builds like Kovri or i2pd out in the wild those who dont want to run the java version dont have to anymore.

by Guest on 2017/10/28 09:58:12 PM    
Or like BiglyBT

The BiglyBT / Vuze addon to download/upload via I2P is I2PHelper.

People can choose, using the public network or I2P network or both at the same time.

I would also like to see this in Fopnu, anonimity is a must these days!
by Guest on 2017/11/29 04:26:48 AM    
+1 Support for some anonymous network would be great. And since the protocol is UDP, it can't go through Tor, so it'll have to be I2P or socat over Tor which is only available on Linux though.
by Guest on 2017/11/29 05:53:11 PM    
Although most i2p users will not run a closed source program that easily.

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