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Maximization of efficiency/bandwidth

by Guest on 2017/10/22 10:22:20 PM    

This might be stupid question, but would it be possible to use UDP headers Source Port, Length and Checksum fields for transferring useful data?
Also IPv4 headers source IP Address + possibly more fields could be used to transfer useful data.

Perhaps this could be achieved with handshaking to all new connections and allocating one port to each connection, or by using UDP Source Port for identifying the connection if just one port for connections is allowed/preferred.

My mission here is to figure out the mathematically best possible efficiency in real life scenario. So some fields and checksums might be impossible to modify without problems etc. but some fields for sure could be used. Hypothetically if we could use 8-12bytes, it would be about 2% increase on UDP packet. This improvement is useless if it carries dangers with it, but I think this could be achieved without problems.

Im crazy about maximization/optimization, there is something beautiful for real 100% optimal solutions... And thus this have been haunting me. We all know that there cannot ever be enough upload capacity.

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