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Feature Request: Library Symbolic Link support

by Guest on 2017/10/29 08:23:25 AM    
Currently i use Symbolic links for my files and in most applications the links look and function exactly as real files, even across my home network.
every program iv encountered so far handle the links just like the files they are pointing to, even my Smart TV sees the links as the media files they represent.
FYI for folks that don't know what Symbolic Links are, they are like shortcuts that appear as the actual files that the links are pointing to.
currently i have a folder of links (approximately 5000 of them) that i normally share on another network, i use links so i don't have to make a separate copy of the files, and it works flawlessly.
But when i tried to add my links folder in Fopnu it didn't see them and showed the folder as empty.
I don't have a suggestion or idea as to why Fopnu doesn't see Symbolic links but it would be nice if support was added in future versions.

by Guest on 2017/10/29 10:50:51 AM    
what OS and version of Fopnu?

in linux, links add to the library and work just as they should.
by Guest on 2017/10/31 04:10:19 AM    
im using version 1.19 x64 Windows 7

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