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Hash problem

by Guest on 2017/11/07 03:30:51 AM    
I have a big folder which is 100GB
I only need to share some folders in it. e.g 3folders.

I don't want to add 3 folders separately.
So I just add that big folder and uncheck all. And check that 3 folders I want to share.

Now fopnu is hashing all files (100GB!!)
It even hash the files that I unchecked.

I think it should not to hash the non-shared file.
by Guest on 2017/11/07 05:26:28 PM    
it is supposed to hash everything in a folder you add to the library.
by Guest on 2017/12/09 09:01:12 AM    
But how can it hash the file that I never share?

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