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Bug report v1.21: bandwidth 'Limit incoming' seems break

by PurpleFish on 2017/11/27 03:55:06 AM    
Bug report, in the v1.21, the bandwidth 'Limit incoming' seems to not work at all.
by PurpleFish on 2017/11/27 08:37:22 AM    
And also with v1.23
by Guest on 2017/11/27 06:53:47 PM    
What O/S Ver you runnning PurpleFish ?
by Guest on 2017/11/27 07:06:43 PM    
what OS?

works properly on linux, winxp and win10 here.

how exactly is it not working? not keeping up with the limit you set or going over the limit you set?
by PurpleFish on 2017/11/29 01:36:10 AM    
OS Linux (a variant of ubuntu 16.04)

Upload limit isgoing over the limit I set. Example: max 250 KB/s, the up goes up to 700 KB/s (I have 1000), case: multiple files uploading to a same user.

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