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Location changing all the time?

by Guest on 2017/11/29 04:37:27 AM    
In my log I see tons of messages like these: (I anonymised the actual numbers)

[2:27:25 AM]  New location set: a.b.c.d:A
[2:35:07 AM]  New location set: a.b.c.d:A
[2:56:51 AM]  New location set: a.b.c.d:A
[2:57:28 AM]  New location set: a.b.c.d:C
[3:00:52 AM]  New location set: a.b.c.d:D

a.b.c.d is my IP address.
D is the port I've selected in the settings many hours before these messages.
A and C are two ports that I've never seen.

It looks like the port is changing all the time, and it goes to the correct port only every now and then.
What is going on here? Why is the location changing like this? The port in the settings is fixed at D.
by Guest on 2017/12/08 08:44:38 PM    
Same thing here.

I can read in my Network log:

[20:03:24]  New location set:
--- new ip after I started my VPN, with the port in my config

[22:12:50]  New location set:
--- new port unknown

If I check my router, an Asus RT-AC88U, I can read in the Port Forwarding log:

Destination     Proto. Port range  Redirect to     Local port
ALL             TCP    1962    1962      
ALL             UDP    1962    1962      
ALL             TCP    1961    1961      
ALL             UDP    1961    1961      
ALL             UDP    9308    9308      
ALL             TCP    30331    30331      
ALL             UDP    30331    30331      
ALL             TCP    1963    1963      
ALL             UDP    1963    1963      
ALL             UDP    11961    11961

--- last line: the original port, but no trace of the unknown one

In the chatroom Testing, I am reported with the unknown port

Using a second location, I started a download of 2 files to see if Fopnu was reachable with the unknown port not forwarded.
And the answer is Yes, and I don't understand how.....
And the speed is not bad: 600 KB/sec thru a VPN.

But how it's possible a port not forwarded is reachable?

I will investigate a little more....
by Guest on 2017/12/11 04:39:17 PM    
To the second guest: you should turn off UPnP in the options if you are using a VPN. There is no point in forwarding ports in your router if you're going via VPN.

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