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Please be patient if you need help    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2017/07/31 09:08:51 AM    
The developers are currently very busy working on the next version of Fopnu.

If you need help with the software, always feel free to ask a question in the forum.

If you see someone else's question in the forum, and you have the time and knowledge for a quick answer, please help each other out as best you can. This also helps us out :)

It is in everyone's best interest that development proceed as quickly as possible. The more time spent in the forum, the less time we have for what we do best, and the longer it takes for new features to be implemented. We ask everyone to take this into consideration,

Suggestions and discussion of features is of course always welcome. We always monitor the forum and will note and consider all suggestions, but please understand that commenting on all of them is something that is impractical for us to do.

Thank-you for participating in the forum.

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