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Feature request : add support 'Skulls Multi-Network WebCache'

by PurpleFish on 2017/12/21 02:39:27 AM    
Many P2P file sharing softwares became useless when the main server shutdown: peers lossing the way to get other peers IP adresses.

Supporting the (Gnutella) Skulls webcache can help Fopnu to never shutdown:

Skulls if a fork of the original Gnutella webcache code.
by Guest on 2017/12/21 02:16:46 PM    
I was under the impression that a "cache" of users is maintained by the software itself for just such a scenario, it makes sense to have a live and dynamic stream of new peers and an auxillary archive of potential peers based on previous connections, this delivers the best of both worlds and offers some comfort to those who have expressed reservations over a winmx style closure affecting Fopnu users in the same way.

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