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Reporting on illegal content

by Guest on 2020/06/18 04:01:02 AM    
I'm new on Fopnu while browsing through users found somethings that i'm pretty sure is illegal. So I was wondering if there is some reporting mechanism available.
by Guest on 2020/06/18 04:29:01 PM    
the makers of fopnu have absolutely NO control over what is shared on the network.

this thread may help you:

by Guest on 2020/07/14 03:44:50 AM    
Pretty sure it is illegal?
Says who?
In what country?
What law?

Are you assuming this based on the title added to a file? Any title can be altered/created.

Also, just so you know, many seemingly "illegal" files are put up as bait, by state actors/law enforcement. Honeypots.

On the practical side, i would assume that many, even most, of those who are doing something that is deemed illegal in the country they live in are masking their identity by using VPN connections.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? And then tell them what?
by Guest on 2021/02/15 04:30:34 PM    
If that illegal file is something that people should really know about, like proof of what the secret societies are planning for the planet and proof of who belong to these groups, then you should report that file to people in channels feature so they can download it ASAP.

If it's something that p€d0s are after, then there's pretty much nothing you can do. The elites that run this world are part of that group and protected.
by Guest on 2021/02/18 03:40:04 PM    
It was the Colonel's secret recipe.
by Guest on 2021/03/02 08:23:28 PM    
The other day I found three people sharing child pornography. I wrote down the time, their IP and port number. I entered their IP on a whois site and emailed their ISPs.

My concern is that this issue is only going to get worse for Fopnu and especially more so for DarkMX since it uses Tor. I don't want to sound like I'm blaming the developer or saying that he encouraged this. I'm not! ..but it's still a concern I have. This is a difficult problem to deal with because you don't want any sort of cp filtering to end up censoring users. As an example, if it was up to the community to flag a file, people could misuse it and vote against files they don't agree with or like even if it's not child abuse material.
by Guest on 2021/03/07 12:43:06 AM    
Looks like you are also doing illegal stuff like getting files you didn't buy. So who should report you?
Besides you can only prove it is illegal after you check the file and in that case, you already commited a crime because you had to dowload it. Not to mention you shared it while downloading it. Perjory is also a crime. And,,, its a crime in what country?
Better mind your own business. Face the fact that most of the content here is copyrighted. and if you are after it, you are a criminal too.
So be a thief with honor and don't $h1t in others plate.
by Guest on 2021/03/09 08:10:33 PM    
99% of the time if the file is named as such it's usually safe to assume it is real and report it without checking/download. If the file was named as such and is fake then it is probably a troll or from LE. Although I doubt LE is really looking at fopnu. Most people will agree that distributing cp is much worse than distributing copyrighted stuff so I don't buy the you are a thief too argument. The point you make about different laws in many countries is good and I'll give you credit for that one.
by Guest on 2021/04/07 02:14:42 AM    
Yeah, it sucks, but this is the world we live in. I always make it a safe thing to only break one law at a time, never two or three at a time. I just mind my own business to be honest... and real talk, it's most likely a Honeypot. What kind of dumbass would name their file "Child pornography inside!" or something similar. I mean think about it. If you were a pedo, would you name your files like that? Much less put it on blast for people to see and download freely? It's like hanging out at the corner store and asking everyone in sight if they would like some drugs... But who knows, honestly. I know one thing: my ass ain't getting near that file. Just like feds on RainbowRoad...

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